Studio Notes: Art Tour in a Perfect Setting with Sharon Weiner

15 LA artists and friends got together on a Saturday, March 10, near Culver City to tour the urban studio of Sharon Weiner, a Ruth Bachofner Gallery artist. Once we got passed the gated lot and entered the facility, it was evident that Sharon is a prolific artist. A curator’s and collector’s dream come true! Acrylic resin paintings lined the white cement walls with smart shelving systems that housed smaller scale works in a secure fashion. In attendance were all female guests: Oriana Small, Leigh Salgado, Jane Park Wells, Ruth Trotter, Julie Scott, Anita Ray, Maria Bjorkdahl, Denise Kraemer, Sharon Suhovy, Stevie Love, Lillian Abel, Charity Burnett, and Deborah Sevett.

Sharon welcomed our group with a lovely array of dessert cookies in pink bakery boxes, coffee, pistachios, and fruit. The generous hospitality unnecessary as we were there to see the art. Artists are too giving. Conversations between old friends and new oscillated about Sharon’s art to our own as we slowly meandered our way through the room. Everyone loved to ask questions about the artist’s process. Anita, Stevie, and Lillian fell in love with the work.

No one wanted to leave the paintings for the french La Dijionaise, a Culver City restaurant. Staying over an extra hour, we snapped pictures like paparazzi and grabbed cookies as we left for lunch.

Leigh and Oriana strike a pose.

At La Dijionaise, party girl Anita had fun with the saloon style doors, flirting with the waiter. Most everyone ordered gourmet salads, except for me, I was on the bacon burger and french fries diet. Jane and Ruth mentioned they both went to Claremont Graduate University and Scripps College. Denise, Sharon, and Stevie tortured everyone by enjoying chocolate mouse desserts. When it came time to appoint an artist with the highest math competency to divvy up the bill, Sharon Weiner treated. More incredible generosity.


Thank you Sharon for inviting us into your studio sanctuary and talking openly about your process. Thank you for the warm hospitality and lunch. You and your work are inspiring.

Sharon has at least three shows in the works this year in April, May, and in the fall.

Check out the slideshow, photos courtesy of Sharon Suhovy and Charity Burnett.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 responses to “Studio Notes: Art Tour in a Perfect Setting with Sharon Weiner

  1. thanks, Charity, for organizing and documenting our day, and thanks to Sharon Suhovy for photos, and of course to Sharon Weiner for hosting and being so generous with her process. It was invigorating to be with this group of women!

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