Studio Notes: Stevie Love, Art, and Meringue Pies in the High Desert

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Stevie Love sets the bar high in the high desert. This innovative artist, a Claremont Graduate University alum, hosted the first Sangria Studio Tour. On a Saturday in February, Love opened her studio to artists, actors, curators, and collectors. She shared her creative paradise, her studio, in an adobe home that the Love family built themselves. It was the first adobe home built in LA County in forty years. In attendance were Michael Maas, Lillian Abel and Leonard Kelly-young, Julie Scott, Anita Ray, Anna Kay Friesen, Charity Burnett, and Sharon Suhovy.

After light cocktails, Love gave us a tour. From the healing room to the tiled bathrooms, the playroom, to the swimming pool, the group asked questions about the customized grills and pizza oven – fireplace. Love showed us the private gallery with work by artists Leora Lutz, Juan Thorp, and Carol Powell.

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The painting studio had a variety of works on the wall and several in progress. We saw the cheetos and veggies series to the vibe paintings. We got a glimpse of Love’s innovative roll up series. Sangria will have apple green rollups on March 2 in “Sex & Candy.”

Love gave a luncheon of fresh breads, gourmet salad, kale and white bean soup, chocolates, and homemade meringue pies. The beautiful day of friends, art, and good food lasted 4 hours plus. Sprinkling rain turned to light snow, and it was time for us to go. Later, many of us ventured to Rosamund Felsen Gallery at Bergamot Station and the Pomona art scene with wonderful openings at Andi Campognone Projects, SCA Gallery, Bunny Gunner Gallery.

Please enjoy the photo album of the afternoon event. Thank you Stevie Love and all those who attended!

All images are copyrighted 2012

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